8 . Nora Hardwell

Nora Hardwell


Nora Hardwell, an antisocial old maid, existed isolated with her just friends being her two canines, Tina and Kate. She couldn't bear the possibility of her pooches being left stranded after her passing, so this cherishing fancy woman composed a will in which she cleared out a trust of $1 million, and obviously expressed that it was "for the support of any canine or mutts which I may possess at my demise for the time of 21 years from the date of my passing or until the demise of the final one of my puppies, if prior." After her passing, her adored buddies kept on staying in the home with four sections of land of yard, and had a fat million to deal with their needs. Nora guaranteed that her canine companions never missed on anything after her passing, with the exception of the cherishing touch of their courtesan.