4 . Eleanor Ritchey

Eleanor Ritchey


Eleanor Ritchey was the beneficiary of the Quaker State Refining Corporation, so it goes without saying that she was smudged rich. Junior Eleanor was a calm young lady with almost no or no social investment. The main individual she was near was her mother, and when she kicked the bucket in right on time 1960, Eleanor was left crushed. To mitigate her passionate wounds, she turned to mutts for camaraderie. She didn't simply purchase canines, but instead saved stray puppies from the roads. What's more she didn't settle on a few pups — when she passed on, she had 150 mutts in her haven. The lady did not let her demise render her canine companions homeless once more. She cleared out a trust (conceivably over $12 million) to deal with her mutts. After the final one of her mates kicked the bucket, the remaining sum from the trust went to the Auburn University Research Fund for research into creature maladies.