5 . Caccolube



Caccolube was an alternate innovation of the OSS, an abrasive mixture that spies and saboteurs used to decimate adversary motors. The virtuoso was in its effortlessness. Caccolube came in unassuming boxes of five condoms, and the mixture itself was non-dangerous, significance agents could deal with it without any peril. Being basic powder, it could additionally be discarded generally effectively if an executor's spread was going to be traded off. OSS preparing features, as seen above, demonstrated to agents precisely generally accepted methods to rapidly slip Caccolube into the motors of a few foe vehicles. Once set up, the oil consumed the elastic condom, then it conveyed the mixture all through the motor. In the wake of voyaging simply a short separation, Caccolube would totally decimate the motor's moving parts. Adversary vehicles were left stranded, constraining them to either be relinquished or towed once again to base. In any case, it was one less vehicle in battle, and the expense of either repairing the motor or losing the vehicle was a money related hit to the adversary's war machine. Caccolube was like an alternate weapon dropped into adversary gas tanks, the "Firefly," which was basically a period shell that would wreck the motor. The results were like those of Caccolube, if not more emotional.