Top 10 Worst Weird Magazines That Shouldn’t Exist

Top 10 Worst Weird  Magazines That Shouldn’t Exist


High quality TV, the Internet, and print all appreciate the same preference: having the capacity to target madly particular gatherings of individuals so they can offer ads to them. Because of this model, we without a doubt wind up with simply the most ridiculous stuff believable only custom-made to insane individuals, in light of the fact that shockingly their cash is almost as great. Magazines are no distinctive, and maybe much more dreadful, as it appears to be currently that no one's giving careful consideration to these old-fashioned disconnected from the net accumulations of pictures and articles, they're allowed to distribute pretty much anything their little hearts want. Here are ten magazines that out and out shouldn't exist, for an assortment of reasons.

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10.  Girls and Corpses

Having conceivably the most faultless title ever, Girls & Corpses is precisely what it seems like – a magazine loaded with pictures of pretty young ladies and dead things. Distributer and "deaditor-in-boss" Robert Rhine got the thought when young ladies would ask to take pictures by the fake cadavers at his realistic novel corner at...

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9.  Fashion Doll Quarterly

A magazine about design dolls bodes well on the surface. There are dumber pastimes that have their distributions, truth be told. Anyhow what truly gets us is the way outrageously dreadful the magazine spreads of Fashion Doll Quarterly are. Every one of them include dolls in sensible postures, and its staggeringly unsettling. The eyes are simply… ...

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8.  Portable Restroom Operator

In every industry, you can normally discover an exchange magazine particular to its investment. To the outside onlooker it appears as though it would be an exhausting magazine, yet industry executives use them to watch business patterns and to impart plans. At that point, you have Portable Restroom Operator. How could anyone who works in the po...

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7.  Cranes Today

Cranes Today is an alternate incredibly particular exchange production that can't be clarified to an outcast. It gives off an impression of being a month to month distribution about cranes. Were not certain what you could compose consistently about cranes, or even the amount the innovation has truly changed. Huge trucks lift other enormous stuff, f...

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6.  Miniature Donkey Talk

This is a month to month magazine for managers of little jackasses, on the grounds that its not like jackasses haven't kept with it same for 30,000 f^$&^(& years or anything. There is a full example issue accessible, yet interestingly, the primary articles are smeared out. You can at present read all the letters, ads, jokes, a percentag...

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5.  Private Islands

On the accurate inverse end of the range, we have the magazines for the ultra-rich. Overlook yachts and chateaus – we're talkin' Private Islands rich. The specimen Winter 2013 issue (visitor altered by David Copperfield who clearly now claims a private island) holds a plenty of land and travel data. We should be clear about one thing – the ...

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4.  Kohl Magazine

Discussing extravagance, this issue of Kohl, a Middle Eastern magazine that targets Asian ladies, asserts the record for the most unreasonable magazine ever sold, after it was unloaded for $10,000. Why so unreasonable? Presumably in light of the fact that it was secured in gems: a skilled workers used 86 hours applying 600 jewels and 90 grams of go...

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3.  Tan Magazine

We're simply gonna caution you at this moment – none of the connections in this segment are even near being ok for the office. Tan Magazine is an Australian nudist – sorry, "naturist" – fan magazine. As anyone might expect, its brimming with sunny shore audits, stripped individuals, arranged ads, and … formulas? We're expecting n...

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2.  Fencepost

Goodness, an exchange magazine a greater number of outrageous than Cranes Today? Sign us up! Yes, there's a quarterly magazine called Fencepost and its actually about wall. It's distributed by the American Fence Association, which evidently has it gathering in Las Vegas (March 4-8, 2014. Fencetech! BE THERE.) The main story of the latest issue ...

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1.  Serial Killer Magazine

This one need to win the prize for the most derailed magazine ever made. While Girls & Corpses manages the ghastly in a carefree manner, Serial Killer Magazine is completely genuine. We caution you now: If you visit that site, you will wish you were never conceived. As per the site, Serial Killer Magazine is "crammed with fine art, unc...

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